What if your physical problems

were just opportunities to surpass your limits?

My name is Anne

I am a performance whisperer

For more than twenty years I have helped people regain their full physical and emotional potential thanks to their injuries, blockages and physical pain of all kinds.

To achieve this, I focused on a quality of performance based on imperfection instead of perfection, and on what is, rather than what should be.

I offer unique work, a simple way of proceeding and surprising results.


By observing physical elements such as a lack of amplitude or fluidity, pain, an injury, I help the person to understand and release emotional blockages that hinder their performance and development.


When the body and mind have established connections allowing them to feel mutually heard, this gives them the opportunity to feel free from all pressure.

At that moment, the performance is released.


There are no better tools for change than those of the context and the reality of the person.

It is on this basis and that of listening to feelings that everything is transformed.

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